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How can athletes book and sign into an appointment?


There are two ways that new appointments can be booked:

1. Admins & Providers

  • Can book from Appointments > Calendar (note: admins and providers can book appointments at any time, regardless of the provider’s set availability) 


Here's how: 

  1. Head to Appointments > Calendar
  2. Click New Appointment, or click anywhere on the calendar
  3. Choose the duration, provider, client's name
  4. Click BOOK




You can sell a membership directly from the Appointments calendar by selecting 'More Options' or by clicking New Appointment.



Screenshot_2_22_19__3_57_PM.png      Screenshot_2_22_19__3_57_PM.png




2. Athletes

  • Can book their own appointments from mobile, as long as three conditions are met:
    1. They have purchased an appointment session membership
    2. Provider(s) have their availability calendar configured
    3. There are open slots within the booking window

Once these 3 conditions are met, athletes can download the Wodify mobile app. Once they are logged in, they just need to select the main menu and choose 'My Appointments.'








  • You can sign athletes and providers directly via Appointments > Calendar




  • Alternatively, when the client shows up, the provider can sign them in via the coachboard appointments widget (on the right-hand side of the coachboard)




Note: There is a 24 hour time window to sign-in clients and providers.


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