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How do I create a new coach?

To set up a new coach, please follow these steps:

  1. Create their profile
  2. Assign them “Coach” permissions
  3. Set them up in Payroll (only if using Payroll)

Create the Coach’s Profile

First, the coach needs a profile in your Wodify environment. If the coach already has a profile, feel free to skip ahead.

To create a new profile:

  1. Click People
  2. Click Clients
  3. Click the + New Client button 
  4. Enter their info
  5. Click the Create & Edit button 

This will take you into their profile so you can set their permissions.

Assign Coach Permissions

Now that the coach has a profile, they’ll need the right permissions to do all of the awesome stuff coaches do.

To assign Coach permissions:

  1. Open the coach’s profile
  2. Click the Profile tab 
    Adding and Removing Permissions (Client, Staff, Coach, Manager, and Admin roles).jpg
  3. Scroll down to Roles & Permissions
  4. Check the box next to Coach 
    Creating a New Coach.jpg
  5. Click the Save button

If you are NOT using Payroll, you’re all set! You can assign the coach to classes, and they’ll be ready to roll.

If you ARE using Payroll, however, our last step will be to set up the coach’s Payroll settings.

Set the Coach Up in Payroll

If you’re using Payroll, you'll need to configure the coach's payroll settings before assigning them to a coach to a class.

To set a coach up for payroll:

  1. Click Financial
  2. Click Setup Payroll
  3. Click into a Position (Assistant Coach, Head Coach, etc.) 
  4. Click the Edit button next to the program you'd like to assign the coach to
  5. Click the Add Employee dropdown Edit_Payroll_Position_Program.png
  6. Select the Coach
  7. Set their rate for the program
  8. Click the Save button


Please repeat the steps above for each program the coach will be coaching and for each Position (Head Coach, Assistance Coach, etc.) they'll fill.


And that should do it! You can now assign coaches to classes, and they'll be good to go.


If you need any additional assistance with Changing a Default Location, feel free to reach out to our team at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).



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