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Managing Failed Invoices


It's important to stay on top of failing payments.

With Wodify, you can streamline your invoice management process with the following actions:

Automatically Retrying

If a payment fails, you can always try paying the invoice again automatically through Wodify's Auto Bill feature.

Every night at midnight in your timezone, Wodify will attempt to process any unpaid invoices that meet the following criteria:

  • Payment Due date reflects that the invoice is due or overdue
  • Auto Bill is set to "Yes"
  • The athlete has a payment method on file


If these criteria are met, you can be confident that the system will attempt to pay the invoice again overnight. The status of the transaction will be reflected in the morning's Billing Results email.

If Auto Bill is set to "No," here's how to turn it back on:

  1. Open the invoice
  2. Click the pencil icon next to Auto Bill
  3. Toggle the slider to the right Edit__00000373_.png
  4. Click Save

Limiting Automatic Retries

Sometimes, you may not want to try auto billing a failing invoice over and over. For this, we built the Invoice Auto Bill feature.

Invoice Auto Bill allows you to limit the number of times the system attempts to automatically pay an invoice.


This has some major benefits:

  • It helps cut down on transaction fees. By limiting the number of auto bill attempts, the system won't continue to try paying the same failing invoices over and over.
  • If an athlete received a Dishonour/Insufficient Funds fee from their financial institution for an earlier attempt, limiting the number of auto bill attempts can help prevent further penalties

Here's how it works:

For each type of payment method - Credit Card or Bank Account - you can set the maximum number of times you'd like the system to attempt to auto bill an invoice.

If an invoice reaches the threshold, Auto Bill will be switched to "No," preventing further auto billing attempts.

Here are some examples based on a few of the available settings:

  • "1 time": The system will attempt to automatically pay Auto Bill invoices one time. If the payment fails, the system will not attempt to auto bill again.
  • "3 times": The system will attempt to automatically pay Auto Bill invoices three times. If the payment fails the first time, the system will try again the next night. If it fails on the second night, the system will attempt payment one more time. After the third failure, the system will not attempt to auto bill again.
  • "Until successful payment":The system will attempt to automatically pay Auto Bill invoices until the invoice is successfully paid.

To set up Invoice Auto Bill:

  1. Click Financial
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the Invoice Configuration tab
  4. Pick a Number of Auto-Bill Payment Attempts for each type of payment method Invoice_Configuration.png
  5. Click the Save button

Tracking Invoices

You can easily track an invoice by applying a tag to it.

Tags can be searched in the Invoice list, so you can quickly locate the invoice to check its status.

To apply a tag:

  1. Click Financial
  2. Click Invoices
  3. Locate the invoice(s) you'd like to track
  4. Check the box next to the invoice(s)
  5. Click the Bulk Actions dropdown
  6. Select Add Invoice Tags Retrying_an_Invoice.png
  7. Give the invoice a tag (Ex: failed-may-22)
  8. Click the "Add..." link Invoices.png
  9. Click the Add button

And that's it! You can now search for that tag in your Invoice list to easily locate the invoice(s).

Manually Retrying 

You can try paying an invoice manually at any time.

To manually pay an invoice:

  1. Open the invoice
  2. Click the Actions dropdown
  3. Click Pay Invoice Edit__00000373_.png
  4. Select the payment method you'd like to use Edit__00000373_.png
  5. If necessary, enter a new card, check, or bank account number
  6. Click the Complete Payment button Edit__00000373_.png

The system will attempt to process the invoice right away.

The banner at the top of the screen will indicate whether or not the transaction was successful. If successful, the status will change to Paid.


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