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Rebranding your Gym within Wodify



Looking to put a fresh coat of paint on your gym's brand? Make sure you have done the same to your Wodify Environment!


In this article, we will cover:


Overall Gym Information 

  1. Go to Gym > Info & Locations
  2. Adjust Information
  3. Click Save rebrand_1.png


Location Specific Information 

  1. Go to Gym > Info & Locations
  2. Scroll to Locations Section
  3. Click into your Location Name
  4. Adjust Information
  5. Click Saverebrand_3.pngrebrand_2.png


Email Communications Signature 

  1. Go to Communication > Settings
  2. Select the Email Signatures tab
  3. Adjust Information
  4. Click Savemceclip1.png


Online Sales Portal 


  1. Select Gym > Sales Portal
  2. Adjust Your URL via Edit
  3. Click Saverebrand_4.png


For a complete list of areas in your Wodify account where you can update your gym's contact information, please check out Updating Gym Contact Information.


If you need any additional assistance with rebranding your gym, feel free to reach out to us at


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