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How do waitlists work?


When class reservations are full, you (admins/managers) may want to consider adding a waitlist to your classes so members can join and get notified when a spot opens up. 

When enabled, you can then select how the waitlist functions:

Option 1: The first athlete to reply (to email) gets added to the class 

All athletes who sign up for a full class are put on a waitlist. If a spot in the class opens, all the athletes on the waitlist are all emailed and the first one to reply gets into the class. 

Option 2: Athletes automatically added to the class in order they signed up 

All athletes who sign up for a full class are put on a waitlist in the order they signed up. If a spot in the class opens, the first athlete on the waitlist is automatically put in the class. 


NOTE: Automatically adding an athlete into a class right before it starts isn’t a great experience and increases no-shows, so during the late cancel window the athlete (first in line) will not be automatically added to a class. Instead, all athletes on the waitlist will be emailed about the last-minute opening and the first to reply get into the class.


To select your preferred waitlist option:

  1. Head to an individual class or recurring class within the Classes > List
  2. Select the class > toggle on 'Allow Waitlist'
  3. Choose a waitlist option from the 'Reservations' section


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