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How do waitlists work?


If an admin/manager chooses to enable a waitlist for a class, they can choose how they would like that waitlist to work. 


Once the waitlist is enabled, the admin/manager will have 2 options to choose from. These options are:


Option 1: First athlete to reply gets added to the class 

All athletes who sign up for a full class are put on a waitlist. If a spot in the class opens, all the athletes on the waitlist are all emailed and the first one to reply gets in to the class. 

Option 2: Athletes automatically added to the class in order they signed up 

All athletes who sign up for a full class are put on a waitlist in the order they signed up. If a spot in the class opens, the first athlete on the waitlist is automatically put in the class. 


NOTE: Automatically putting athletes in the class right before it starts isn’t a great experience and increases no-shows, so during the late cancel window athletes won’t be automatically put athletes in the class. Instead, all athletes on the waitlist will be emailed about the last minute opening and the first to reply get in to the class.


To select your preferred waitlist option:

  1. Head to an individual class or recurring class
  2. Enable 'Allow Waitlist'
  3. Choose a waitlist option from the 'Reservations' section


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