Before Deactivating your Wodify Core Account

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To ensure your Wodify environment is ready to be deactivated (shut down), please complete the checklist of items below:

Disable Merchant Integration

If you would like to prevent any further billing in Wodify, please disable the existing merchant integration right away by following these steps:

  • Select Financial
  • Select Settings
  • Select the Merchant Configuration Tab
  • Select into the Current Configuration Name
  • Scroll to the Locations Section
  • Uncheck All Locations
  • Select Save


 🚫  This will prevent any future invoices from running automatically. 🚫 


Request to Close Merchant Account 

Please be sure to contact the appropriate merchant provider (see list below) to let them know and prevent any future service fees. We are not authorized to close your merchant account on your behalf. 

Bambora Support Canda Contact:


Ezidebit Support Australia Contact:

1 300 763 256

Ezidebit Support New Zealand Contact:

08 00 478 483

GoEmerchant Support Contact:

(888) 711-3800

Wodify Payments Support Contact:

No further action is necessary. 


Give your Client a Heads up to Download their Performance Data

If members would like to download their performance history before the environment is deactivated - we recommend sharing this help article right away.


Download Reports 

Please be sure to export all reports you want to hold on to for safekeeping. 

  • Analytics > Reporting > People
  • Analytics > Reporting > Attendance
  • Analytics > Reporting > Financial
  • Analytics > Reporting > Performance Results

⚠️You will no longer have access to these when your environment is deactivated.


Remove any Website Integration

  • Digital Presence > Web Integrations > Select any Enabled Options > Disable


[Legacy Customers Only] Valid Credit Card used for Last Month of Service

  • Account > Subscription
    • Keep in mind if you are billed on our Legacy Subscription Model ($1.75 Per Active Client), you will have a prorated final invoice for the amount of time since your last Core Invoice was due as the Legacy Subscription Model bills in arrears.
      • If your card does not go through, your account will remain active and will continue to be billed on a per Client basis until we have successfully captured a valid payment.

If you need any additional assistance with deactivating your account, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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