Deactivating a Location



In the case that one of your locations closes or you choose to split it into a separate Wodify environment, there are steps that you as an admin will need to complete to deactivate the location.

These steps include:

  1. Void any unpaid invoices that reference this location of sale
  2. Deactivate or change the location of sale for any memberships attached to this location
  3. Change the default location for any clients that have this location listed as their default location
  4. Delete any recurring classes attached to this location
  5. Delete any future Workouts attached to this location
  6. Remove this location availability for any created service
  7. Adjust the Public Whiteboard Setting


Void Unpaid Invoices 

  1. To void unpaid invoices in bulk you can navigate to the Financial > Invoices > All Tab
  2. Add a Filter for the location you are wanting to deactivate, filter the invoice status as Unpaid, and be sure to set the rules engine to ALL of the following2021-07-27_12-09-48.png
  3. Select All of the Invoices and hit Bulk Actions > Void2021-07-27_12-12-02.png


Deactivating Memberships 

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Clients > Clients and Membership details and change the location in the drop-down to the one you are looking to deactivate and sort it by membership name.    

  2. Click into each client's profile that has a membership applied on it and either deactivate the membership by hitting Deactivate or you can choose to change the location of sale of the membership if the client is remaining at a location that will not be deactivated (See point 3).

  3. To change the location of sale, you'll need to first make sure that the payment plan of the client within the membership template is enabled for the location you are looking to switch it toEdit__3_CrossFit_Classes_a_Week__2020-08-19_14-01-11.png
  4. Once you have verified this, you can click into the Client's membership and adjust the location of sale.




Change Default Location 

  1. Navigate to People > Clients > All > Clients
  2. Filter the clients by the location you are looking to deactivate2021-04-30_10-41-52.png
  3. Select all of the clients and change their default location to a different location


Deleting Recurring Classes

  1. Navigate to Classes > List > Recurring Classesmceclip1.png
  2. Filter the list by the location you are looking to deactivatemceclip2.png
  3. Click into each recurring class and click Delete


Remove Future Workouts 

  1. Navigate to Workout > Listmceclip8.png
  2. Filter the List for the location that you are looking to deactivatemceclip9.png
  3. For any Workout that is scheduled for today or a future date, click into it, remove unclick the location, and hit save


Remove Service Availability 

  1. Navigate to Appointments > Servicesmceclip4.png
  2. Click into each service that is available at the location you are looking to deactivate and toggle off the availability buttonmceclip5.png


Public Whiteboard

  1. Navigate to Business > Web integrations mceclip6.png
  2. Change the default location set to a location you are not looking to deactivate:mceclip7.png
  3. If this feature is not enabled, hit enable, and then adjust the default location setting. You can then disable the feature again after you make this change. 

Please reach out to or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only) if you are looking to deactivate one of your locations, and we can help you through the process.


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