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The Retail Insights dashboard will help you better understand your retail revenue, breaking it down across products and clients. 


Retail Revenue

This section will allow you to see exactly how much revenue you are making from your retail sales including: 

  1. Total Net Revenue: Your total net revenue is broken down by product type. Note that product type is determined when the initial product is created and any product not associated with a type will be classified as ‘User Created Product’. You can also hover over the breakdowns for more information: 2020-10-01_17-07-24.png
  2. Total Net Revenue by Product Type over Time: Your total net revenue broken down by product type over time. You can create custom time ranges to see these results in different months. 2020-10-01_17-08-11.png
  3. Self Service Revenue: Your total net revenue generated through your Point of Sale self-service functionality. Note that this functionality must be turned on to see results, and is only available to Promote/Legacy customers.  

Products Sold 

  1. Total Revenue and Units Sold by Product: Your total net revenue and number of units sold per unique product.2020-10-07_13-48-27.png
  2. Average Revenue per Customer and Invoice: The average amount of money spent per customer (minimum of one retail purchase) throughout the set period, as well as the average amount of money spent per invoice in the time period. Please note that all of the sales from customers who do not have a client account are grouped together as a single customer.2020-10-07_13-49-05.png
  3. Top Retail Customers: Retail customers’ purchases are aggregated and sorted at the customer level. Each customer will appear once and will be associated with their total number of products, invoices, and net revenue summed. Please note that all sales from customers who do not have a client account are grouped together as a single customer.2020-10-07_13-49-26.png


Data Table 

Detailed information on all retail transactions throughout the set time period. Costs of Goods Sold can be set for individual products.2020-10-07_13-50-20.png

Note: All of the net revenue numbers on this page are displayed not including tax and discounts.  These numbers will show you the amount that you actually sold the product for after any taxes or discounts have been applied. 


If you need any additional assistance with Insights, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).



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