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This article provides access to all of the information you need about your clients and leads. This article explains the data that each of these reports provides. It is divided into two sections: Clients and Leads. Each section will have a list of reports you can expect to find on that page. 





All Clients

This report provides a list of all clients that ever existed within your Wodify environment.



Client Trend

The client trend report displays information about clients being created, deactivated, and reactivated, by displaying changes in client status (active, on-ramp, and inactive). It also displays any changes to a client's default location.

  • This report only shows you how many clients you are gaining and losing each month, not memberships lost or gained



Clients with Referrals

This report displays clients that were referred by existing clients. You can track who refers a new client in the Other Information section of the client profile.



Clients Without Memberships

This report shows you all of your active client profiles that do not have a current active membership on their account. 



Clients Without Payment Information

This report displays all active clients that do not have any payment method on file.

  • You can set up an automated email to remind clients without payment methods to add their payment information under Communication > Automated Emails > Payment Information Missing. 



Progressions: Current Levels

This report provides a list of clients and their current progression levels, as well as the date they achieved this level.



Progressions: Previous Levels

This report provides a list of all clients that have ever achieved a progression, and the details pertaining to that progression. Clients may be listed multiple times if they have achieved multiple progressions.



Upcoming Anniversaries

This report displays a list of your clients with upcoming anniversaries. A client's anniversary is determined based on the date their client profile was created, and is shown on the client profile as the Member Since date.

  • If you want to automatically congratulate your clients on their anniversary, go to Communication > Automated Emails > Anniversary Email to easily send an email to all of your clients when they hit milestones at your business. 



Upcoming Birthdays

This report displays a list of your clients' next birthday.

  • If you want to automatically wish your clients a happy birthday, go to Communication > Automated Emails > Birthday Email to customize automatic birthday emails to all of your clients.





All Leads

This report provides a list of all leads that ever existed within your Wodify environment.



Lead Trend

This report displays information about leads status changes over time. The graph tracks the number of new leads versus the number of converted leads, presented with a conversion rate, for each month. The table belows shows all lead status changes over time.



Leads with Referrals

This report shows you which leads were referred by your clients.

  • You can keep track of who refers a lead in the Other Information section on the lead profile.
  • Set the 'Referred by' field to the client that referred the lead.
  • You can also set up your Lead Form to capture this information when a lead fills it out.



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