Timecard Functions to Sign in / Clock in a Coach

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If your coaches are configured in Payroll, they'll have the ability to sign in to a class as a coach to track their classes or hours coached. This will automatically update their Payroll pay period to reflect the time they worked.

Coaches can be paid per class coached, or per hour coached (based on the length of the class on your schedule).

Note: This article is intended for users being paid per class or per hour rates based on classes they're present for. For the Payroll option for employees that are not paid around classes (interns, front desk, janitorial, etc), please see our articles on The Staff Role and Hourly Only Employees


Timecard Functions in Kiosk

Once a coach is set up for a position in Payroll and assigned to a class under that position, you will see the Coaches Widget appear in the left-hand menu on your coach board for that class, under the Sign-In Widget. 




Once the coach is present, they can click on their name in this menu to be signed into class and tracked for the current Payroll pay period.

  • Coaches assigned to a class who do not sign in this way will receive email notices that they are missing a class sign in
  • If you know that the coach will not be present for any reason, you can click on the 🚫 icon to remove them from the class, so they do not receive these no-show email notifications



Timecard Functions in Simple Sign-In

Utilizing Simple Sign-In helps your business to leverage Wodify's simplified interface with efficiency and ease. All your Coach has to do is find their class in the Simple Sign-In list, and their unique Sign-In button is listed at the top of the class roster!

Timecard Functions in the Wodify Mobile App

Using the Wodify Mobile App, your coaches can control the roster and their own sign-in process on the go!

More Information:

If you need any additional assistance with Coach Sign-ins or Timecards, feel free to reach out to our team at support@wodify.com or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).



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