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One of the benefits of being a Wodify Client is the ability to track your performance history all within the palm of your hand! The days of tracking on a whiteboard and a personal notebook are over. Who would want to look through a lengthy notebook of performance when you can easily access all performance through a simple-to-use app! 


In this article, we will cover:


Adding Performance from an Attended Class

If there is a Workout associated with the class you attended, you can simply add your results within the app/kiosk. 


Adding Performance from the Wodify Mobile App:

There are two ways to add results for a class from the Wodify Mobile App either in the Schedule or in the Workout Tab. 

  1. Select Schedule > Click on the Class you are Signed In for.
  2.  Select 'Go To Workout' > Select 'Add Result'.
  3. You can also click directly into the 'Workout' tab to Add Results.


Adding Performance on or the Kiosk

You'll want to first navigate to the Coachboard in the Kiosk to get started. 

Note: If you are new to the facility, make sure to ask a Coach for permission to use the Kiosk. The Coach may be in charge of entering scores on the kiosk on your behalf. 


The Performance Card

The Performance Card displays important Workout information for each client.  The Performance Card will display the currently selected movements:

  • Estimated or Actual 1 Rep Max
    • Estimated 1 Rep Max is only displayed if an actual 1 Rep Max is not available

    • Estimated 1 Rep Max is based on the 'Brzycki' formula
  • Personal Records (PRs)
    • Best Effort
    • Heaviest Ever Lifted
    • Heaviest at this Measure
    • Best Time
    • Most Rounds + Reps
    • Most Reps
    • Best Total
    • Gymnastics
    • Weightlifting
    • Metcons
    • Weightlifting Totals
  • Weight Percentage Chart Based on 1 Rep Max
  • Movement History
  • Chart displaying results over time (on only)

IMPORTANT: The 'Brzycki' formula is one of the most commonly used formulas for calculating a one rep max (1-RM). When programming, please note the formula uses a max rep of ten.  The reasoning is because when more than 10 repetitions are performed in a 1-RM test, the accuracy of the test decreases. The validity of these tests actually increases with decreased repetitions (statistical inverse relationship).  The data achieved after 10 reps is less accurate/reliable.  Ideally, when testing, the client would be performing even less than ten reps, and closer to 3-6 reps to calculate their 1-RM. 


Viewing Past Component Performance

Viewing Past Component Performance on the Wodify Client App

Viewing Past Component Performance on the Wodify Legacy App

You can view past performance by going to the Navigation Menu and selecting 'Performance History.' From here, you can select the Component category you're looking for (for example; If you're looking for the Front Squat performance card, you will want to be under the 'Lifting' category). Find the Component you are looking for, and from there you will see that Components Performance Card.


Viewing Past Component Performance on

You can view past performance by going to the 'My Performance' tab at 

If you need any additional assistance with Tracking Your Performance, feel free to reach out to us at


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