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This article provides access to all of the information you need about your membership. This article explains the data that each of these reports provides.



All Memberships

This report includes information on clients and their memberships over a set period of time. This report can be used to see specific information about a client's membership, including revenue information.



Memberships by Type

This report provides a list of all clients with active memberships on their profiles. This is a great report to provide a visualization of your memberships, broken down by membership type and program.



Expiring Memberships

This report shows clients with memberships that are set to expire, meaning that their current membership is not set to auto-renew. The client profile will remain active once the membership expires, unless you have chosen to deactivate the client at the time auto-renew is discontinued.



Lost Memberships

This report displays memberships that are expiring and not set to auto-renew.  It is not a definitive indication that a client is leaving your business. It is only reporting that a membership on the client profile is expiring and not set to auto-renew.



Memberships with Discounts

This report displays memberships that have discounts applied, as well as the discount details.



New Memberships

This report provides a list of new client profiles created in the filtered time-frame. While the membership start date is included, "member" is defined by the date the client profile is created, not by the membership.

Please note: This report includes reactivated client profiles, so it is not always an indication that the client is new to your business.



On-Hold Memberships

This report shows you all active memberships that are currently on hold. This shows you when their hold started and when it will end, as well as the reason for the hold.




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