Creating Retail Products


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Looking to sell merch through Wodify's POS system? We'll show you how to create a retail product! Retail products can be a physical good or a service offered through Wodify's Point of Sale (POS) system.


Creating a Retail Product

  1. Go to Retail > Products
  2. Click + New Product
  3. Product Details: You will now be on the product detail page, where you can enter more information about your product. 
    • Name
    • Description
  4. Product Organization: 
    • Type: the Product Type of category for this item. Examples include 'Apparel' and 'Supplements'
    • Vendor: Products brand
    • Revenue Category: for revenue reporting purposes.
    • Tags: Tags are another way to categorize your products. You can enter any word you wish and click comma or enter to create your tag
  5. Image: Upload your product's image here
  6. Options:
    • Enable this if your product has multiple options. Examples are different sizes or colors
    • Once enabled, choose your option from the Options dropdown. Enter multiple option values in the 'Option Values' box
    • SKU (displayed if there is multiple options)
    • Barcode: This is the UPC for your product (displayed if there is multiple options)

  7. Price:
    • Price (only displayed if there isn't multiple options)
    • Require a shipping address (only displayed if Shopify is enabled)
    • SKU (only displayed if there isn't multiple options)
    • Barcode: This is the UPC for your product (only displayed if there isn't multiple options)
    • Tax Rate: Choose the appropriate tax rate for the given product and location
  8. Inventory:
    • Track Inventory on this product: enable this option if you want to track the physical count of this product
      • Select the locations where this product is sold
      • Allow the item to be sold even when the quantity is at 0. If the item is sold when quantity = 0, this should go to negative: check this box if you wish to sell this product even if none are on hand
  9. Product Distribution: Choose whether the product will be visible in POS or not 
  10. Location Availability: Choose Location: choose which locations the product is sold from


More Information:

TIP: Wodify Blueprint Course - Selling In Person with Point of Sale

If you need any additional assistance with Creating Retail Products, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Grow & Promote only).


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