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How do I create products?


Products can be a physical good or a service offered through Wodify's Point of Sale (POS) system.

To create a Product:

  1. Login to Wodify Admin
  2. Click 'Retail' > 'Products'
  3. Click 'New Product'

You will now be on the product detail page, where you can enter more information about your product.

Product Details

  • Title
  • Description
  • Type: the Product Type of this item. Examples include 'Apparel' and 'Supplements'
  • Vendor


  • Price
  • Require a shipping address (only displayed if Shopify is enabled)
  • SKU
  • Revenue Category: for revenue reporting purposes.
  • Barcode: This is the UPC for your product

Availability & Tax Rate

  • Choose Location: choose which locations the product is sold from
  • Tax Rate: choose the appropriate tax rate for the given product and location


  • Track Inventory on this product: enable this option if you want to track the physical count of this product
    • Select the locations where this product is sold
    • Allow item to be sold even when quantity is at 0. If item is sold when quantity = 0, this should go to negative: check this box if you wish to sell this product even if none are on hand


  • Enable this if your product has multiple options. Examples are different sizes or colors
  • Once enabled, choose your option from the option dropdown. Enter multiple option values in the 'Option Values' box


  • Upload your product's image here


  • Tags are another way to categorize your products. You can enter any word you wish and click comma or enter to create your tag


  • Choose whether the product will be visible in POS or not


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