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How do I setup my Online Sales Portal?


Wodify's Online Sales portal allows new or existing athletes to purchase membership plans for your gym. Free Trials and Drop-ins are able to make reservations, sign waivers, and pay their drop-in fee through Online Sales portal before setting foot in your gym. 

Note: The online sales portal is not supported in an embedded iframe. To learn more, you can view Best Practice to Link My Online Sales Portal on My Website


Your sales portal is customized to your gym's needs and can be linked to any part of your affiliate website.

To enable our online membership sales portal:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Gym' > 'Sales Portal'
  2. Click 'Enable' to turn on the Online Sales Portal feature
  3. Enter a sub-domain for your athletes to access your online sale portal through
    • This URL can be linked directly onto your gym website and Free-Trial and Drop-Ins
    • This URL is unique to your Wodify account
    • We suggest your subdomain be the name of your gym (e.g.

To configure which payment plans display on your online membership sales portal: 

  1. For each desired location, click the checkbox next to the membership plans that you would like to enable.
  2. Select each payment plan that should be available on your Online Sales portal
  3. Select the earliest date athletes can start this plan
  4. Click 'Save'

To configure which classes display on your online membership sales portal for Drop-Ins and Free-Trials:

  1. For each desired location, check the box next to 'Drop-in'
    • Select the Programs and Recurring classes available for a drop in
    • Click 'Save'
  2. Check the box next to 'Free Trial'
    • Select the Programs and Recurring classes available for a free-trial
    • Click 'Save'
    • NOTE: If you want to make only certain classes within a recurring class available for free-trial or drop-ins, you can override these changes on the recurring class page in 'Schedule' > 'Recurring'



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