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How do I create membership plans?


Membership Templates include the details of the membership, such as if it's a plan or session membership, pricing options, auto-renew membership options, and programs available to the membership.

The most common memberships are recurring monthly memberships (plans) where the member agrees to pay the gym on a specific date each month for either unlimited attendance or a given number of visits per week or month. Alternatively, with session memberships the member pays an amount upfront for a predetermined number of sessions to be used generally whenever (commonly referred to as a "punch card"). 

To create Plans: (click here for sessions)

  1. Sign in to Wodify Admin and go to Classes > Memberships
  2. Click + New Plan in the top right corner of 'Plans' section
  3. Enter your Plan Details:
    • Plan Name: Text field to enter the name of your plan. Choose a name that you can quickly identify like CrossFit Unlimited, CrossFit 3x Per Week.
    • Attendance Limit: Choose between 'Limited' and 'Unlimited'.  When 'Limited' is selected, enter the limit for the plan.  The limit can be a number of times per Year, Month, Week, or Day.
      • For Limited: X times per Week
        A week in Wodify runs from Monday-Sunday.
      • For Limited: X times per Month
        • If the member starts on the 15th and is billed on their start date (15th), the member will have 12 sessions to use until the 14th of the upcoming month.
        • If the member starts on the 15th of the month but the billing day is set to 1st of the month, they will technically have 12 sessions to use until the 1st of the upcoming month.
    • Revenue Category: Picklist field. Revenue Category values are customized by the gym.
    • Brief Description: Text entered here will display on your online sales portal.
  4. Select the program access for the membership
  5. Create your Payment Plans. Click 'New Payment Plan' to create a Payment Plan:
    • If you do not currently apply tax it is best practice to keep the tax rate for 'Services' (0%) selected so that if you do update your tax rate in the future the membership plan template will update automatically as well.
    • Name of payment plan: Text field to enter the name of your payment plan like Month to Month, 6 Month Contract.
    • Location(s): Each active location at your box is displayed. Choose which locations the Payment Plan is available. Choose the tax rate applied at your chosen locations.
    • Initial Commitment: This is the minimum length of time an athlete has agreed to be a member of your gym. This is used to help gyms where the initial commitment from the Athlete is a different period of time from the Renewal Agreement. Initial Commitments can be weeks, months, or years.
    • Athlete is billed every: Based on the time of measure chosen in 'Initial Commitment', this field determines how often your member is billed during the Initial and Renewal Commitments. If the unit of measure is 'Months' or 'Years' this value will always be 'Month'. If 'Weeks', this value is a multiple of the entered 'Initial Commitment' (e.g. Initial Commitment is 8 weeks, 'Athlete is billed every' value will be 1, 2, 4, or 8).
    • Auto Renew: Click this switch if this plan has an automatic renewal option. When checked, Wodify's payment system will automatically create a new invoice for these plans when the membership expires. When enabled, a new field, 'Renewal Commitment', is displayed. Enter the length of the renewal agreement. 
  6. Click 'Next' to enter Pricing Options. Choose the prices of your Initial Commitments, Renewal Commitments, and if the Initial Commitment includes a Setup Fee.
  7. Click 'Save' to return to the Plan Template. Add as many payment plans as needed for your membership. 
  8. Choose which the Location access for the membership
  9. Click Save

Your Contract Membership Plan Template is now complete. This membership plan can now be added to any active Athlete in Wodify. It is important to remember that this is a TEMPLATE; when you add the membership to an Athlete, you can edit most of the options in your plan to fit your agreement with the Athlete.


IMPORTANT!: When entering the pricing for the payment plan make sure to enter the fee for both the Initial Commitment as well as for the Renewal Commitment. 



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