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Creating and Navigating the Athlete Profile



Athletes are your gym’s lifeblood; the people that have joined your gym! The athlete profile is your main hub for managing athletes in your system. Admins, Managers, and Coaches can create and manage athletes right from Wodify Core, under People > Athletes.

In this article, we will cover:


Creating a New Athlete

Follow these steps to create a new athlete profile in Wodify Core:

  1. Go to People > Athletes
  2. Click the + New Athlete button in the top right corner
  3. Enter all required information
    • Email
    • First and last name
    • Status (Active, On Ramp, etc)
    • Gender
    • Default Location
    • Default Program
    • Date of birth
    • Address and postal code
  4. Select ‘Create’ or ‘Create & Edit
    • Create’ will save the Athlete Profile and take you back to your athlete list
    • Create & Edit’ will save the new athlete profile and open it, so you can continue to make changes, like adding a payment method or membership to the athlete’s account
  5. Once the new athlete profile is created, the athlete will receive your Welcome Email with a link to confirm, set up, and access their new Wodify account.

Note: If an athlete has previously used Wodify at another gym, they can merge their accounts and reference their all-time performance history as long as they’re signed up with the same email address. Take a look at this article for more detail on this: How do I transfer an Athlete's Account to my Gym?


Navigating the Athlete Profile

Once an athlete has been created, you can check their profile for just about any information you need about them! Here’s a look at each section of the athlete profile


  1. Membership & Payments:
    • View and edit all invoices for the athlete
    • View and edit memberships
    • Update the athlete’s payment information
  2. Profile
  3. Attendance
    • See attendance history and upcoming reservations for the athlete
    • Remove late cancellation and no-show designations
  4. Documents
    • View signed contracts and waivers
    • See which waivers and/or contracts still need to be signed by the athlete
    • Email a copy of a missing waiver/contract, or upload a copy signed outside of Wodify
    • Add any other file attachments needed
  5. Activity History
    • See activity on an athlete’s profile, including
      Emails sent to them
      Memberships added or terminated
      Membership hold start dates, end dates, and edits
      Contract and waiver signatures
  6. Social Insights
    • See any info Wodify was able to pull from social media automatically
    • Learn more about Social Insights with this help article
  7. Groups (only available on Promote & Legacy)
    • Add athletes to a group
    • Assign Guardian and Dependent roles
    • See other members of the athlete’s groups

More Information

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