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How do I import an Athlete spreadsheet to my Wodify environment?


Wodify gives you the ability to import athletes from a spreadsheet so they can be added into your Wodify environment. To do this you will:

  1. Head to People > Athletes
  2. Click Import
  3. Click Download Template
  4. Enter the appropriate athlete information in each column of the template.


To complete an import, Wodify requires specific formatting (there can be no blank spaces within most cells). Below are the required fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email 
    • For an athlete without an email address - they will be imported as a Dependent without a Guardian, but you must specify "TRUE" under "Is Dependent".
    • For an athlete that should be imported as a Dependent with a Guardian, list the Guardian's email address under the "Group" column. Learn more about Groups here.
  • Gender - First letter capitalized as either “Male” or “Female”
  • Date of Birth - Format as 01/01/2000
  • Athlete Status - “ACTIVE” or “INACTIVE”
  • Default Program - Needs to match exactly with a Program listed in your Wodify environment (see Schedule > Programs)
  • Default Location - Needs to match exactly with the Wodify environment (see Gym > Locations)


The following fields are optional, and will automatically populate appropriately in the athlete's profile if not specified:

  • State - If one is not specified for US countries, the business's state will be used
  • Time Zone - If not specified, the business's time zone will be used
  • Is Coach, Is Admin, Is Manager - Must be 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' but, if empty, will default to 'FALSE'
  • Province (if outside the US) - If not specified, business's province will be used
  • Country - This is the two digit country code (ie: US for United States, GB for Great Britain)

IMPORTANT: If the athlete's email already exists in your Wodify environment, an athlete account will be created but with an automatically generated email alias.  


After completing your spreadsheet, click Select File and choose your spreadsheet. Note: The athletes successfully imported as 'Active' will be active in your system. These accounts are viable to be added to your Wodify monthly statement.

There are two Import Options:

  • Overwrite Existing Athletes - To avoid duplicating data you should use this option, especially if you're importing the same information more than once with changes. 
  • Send Welcome Email - By choosing this option an email will automatically be sent with username and password credentials to the imported athletes, so they can start using Wodify. This action can also be completed manually through each athlete's profile.


Once you've successfully imported the spreadsheets, the athletes will be live in your Wodify environment.


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