Setting up Remote (at-home) Workouts

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Looking to offer remote workouts (programming) to new and existing clients? This is a great way to continue to grow your community and also an extra revenue stream. This article will cover how you can build out your at-home programming for clients by setting up the programs, classes, and memberships.


In this article, we will cover how to:

Create a new remote program OR repurpose an existing program

You'll first need to create a new program in Wodify so that you can add workouts, memberships, and classes associated with your remote program.

To create a new program:

  1. Head to Classes > Programs > click + New Program
  2. Name your program
  3. Enable your preferred settings*
  4. Click Save

Note: You can also repurpose an existing program,  so that all classes, memberships, default programs, etc., are under a new name for your remote program. Head to Classes > Programs > select an existing program and rename that program Remote.


*Program Setting options:

  • Publish Externally: When enabled, this will publish your workouts externally to WordPress and other blogs that are configured in your account.
  • Secure Programming: When enabled, workouts will be hidden from clients whose memberships do not grant access to this program. You will need to have membership enforcement enabled to enable this setting. Learn more about Securing Programming here.
  • Count towards attendance limits: When enabled, clients who sign into class for this program will count to their attendance limit.


Create a new membership OR bulk add your remote program to an existing membership

To give your clients access to this specific program within their membership, you will need to add this program to an existing membership or create a brand new membership specifically for 'Remote' programming.

To create a new membership:

  1. Follow these steps to create a new membership 
  2. Enabled the 'Remote Program' with the Program Access
  3. Click Save




Create a recurring class under remote programming

Clients will need to be able to sign into a class for this program in order to log performance for the workout. 

To create a new class:

  1. Head to Classes > List > + New Class > select Recurring/Repeating
  2. Select your Remote Program
  3. Complete your class settings
  4. Click Save

Note: If you need help creating a class, head here for more step-by-step instructions


Lastly, ensure you have enabled sign-in settings that allow for mobile sign-in for your at-home workouts. Head to Classes > Settings > Basic Details and select Clients can sign themselves into class using the client app or on the web.



That's it! You can now create workouts so that clients can log into class, and have access to viewing your workouts and their logging performance. 


If you need any additional assistance with Setting up Remote (at-home) Workouts, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only). 



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