Getting Started with Wodify Pulse


Wodify has teamed up with Myzone to offer Wodify Pulse, this system allows businesses to use Myzone Hardware and integrate uniquely with your Kiosk to view live heart rate stats and energy levels.

NOTE: If you do not yet have Wodify Pulse for your business - but were interested in getting started, please visit 💪 & Select Learn More.



Setting Up and Getting Started:

Before you're ready to get started using this new feature at your facility, we recommend going through the following helpful Knowledge Base Articles in the order they are listed below.

Let's get started:

  1. Installing Myzone Hardware
  2. How to register a Myzone belt in Wodify
  3. How to register a Loaner Belt in Wodify Pulse
  4. What if a client already has a Myzone belt?
  5. How to Wear a Myzone Belt
  6. Wodify Pulse FAQs


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