Getting Started with Wodify Pulse




Wodify has teamed up with Myzone to offer Wodify Pulse, a system that allows businesses to use Myzone Hardware and integrate uniquely with your Kiosk to view live heart rate stats and energy levels.

NOTE: Interested in getting started with Pulse, but don't have it in your business yet?! Check out our Wodify Pulse page to get started. 




Setting Up and Getting Started:

Once you've signed up for Wodify Pulse, we recommend going through the following helpful articles in the order they are listed below.

Let's get started:

  1. Installing Myzone Hardware
  2. Registering a Myzone Belt in Wodify
  3. Registering a Client with an Existing MyZone Belt
  4. Wearing your Myzone Belt
  5. Wodify Pulse FAQs



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