Installing Myzone Hardware



What you will need:

  • Myzone Stick & Power Cord
  • Myzone Receiver
  • Mini Keyboard/Remote 
  • TV & Power Outlet


Installation Guide:

(click here for an interactive checklist)

  1. Connect power cable supplied with your Myzone Stick to the Myzone Stick and a power outlet located near the TV. a) The power cable will connect through a Micro-USB port located on the left -hand side of the Myzone Stick.
  2. Connect the Myzone Stick to the HDMI port on your TV. a) If there isn't enough clearance around the TV for the stick to fit use the flexible HDMI extender included in your package.b) Make sure your TV input is set to this port.
  3. Connect Myzone Receiver to the Myzone Stick USB port and place Myzone Receiver at 8-10 on the wall. Ensure Myzone receiver is not obstructed from view in any way.
  4. Make sure the Myzone Stick is powered on. You will know the stick is powered on when you see a blue light on the stick. The stick may automatically power on once inserted into the TV; however, if it does not there is a power button on the le side of the Stick.
  5. Power on the mini keyboard remote by switching on the power button located on the top of the keyboard. 
  6. Using the mini keyboard remote, connect to your internet. a) Click the WI-FI icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. b) Connect to your club WI-FI. Note: the flat surface on the remote is a trackpad, use a finger to move the mouse. Left clicks and right-clicks buttons are at the far left.
  7. Make sure the time is correct in the bottom right of the screen. If the time is wrong right-click and select adjust date/time. Then pick the correct timezone and make sure "Set Time Automatically" is turned on. If it is already on, turn it off and turn it on again. The time should now be correct.
  8. Make sure your stick PC is set to never fall asleep. Click the Windows icon at the bottom le of the desktop. b) Click settings (gear icon). Click system. Click power and sleep. Under "When plugged in turn over" and change the setting to "Never". 
  9. Launch the Myzone application from the desktop. You'll be prompted to enter a License #. Then press ok using the mouse cursor. Your License # was emailed to you but if you need help finding it please email Once you do this you can now switch your TV input back to Wodify Core Kiosk.
  10. Register one of the Myzone devices you received in your starter pack via the "Add device" feature on the Wodify Pulse page in Wodify Core. Here’s how:
  11. Once you have registered a belt to your profile: Switch over the Wodify Core Kiosk. Sign yourself into a class. Confirm their heart rate information is displayed on the Coachboard tile. Not working? Here are some troubleshooting tips: Power on the mini keyboard remote by switching on the power button located on the top of the keyboard. 
  12. Promote Wodify Pulse and Myzone exercise belts to all clients of your facility using posters, brochures, and targeted emails. Here are some samples:
  13. Create and run workouts using Wodify Pulse, highlighting optimum heart rate percentages. Here is a guide:


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