Setting Up Payroll

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With Payroll, you have the ability to set pay rates for your employees and track their classes or hours at those rates! You can set per-class rates, per-hour rates, and even set different rates for the same coach, for different programs or positions! This article will walk you through setting up and customizing your Payroll features in Wodify, to make it all easy to keep track of.


In this article, we'll cover:


Note: Once you enable Payroll, you will only be able to assign employees to positions in class (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, etc.) if they are configured for that position under that program. See Setting Pay Rates for your Employees below.



Enabling Payroll

To enable Payroll:

  1. Go to Financial > Setup Payroll
  2. Click Enable
  3. A window will pop up to allow you to choose how often you want to run payroll; what's the length of each pay period? Here are your options:
  • Bi-Weekly (every other...) - every two weeks, on a day of the week that you choose
  • Weekly (every...) - every week, on a day of the week that you choose
  • Semi-Monthly - twice per month, on the 15th and last day of each month
  • Monthly - once per month, on the last day of the month

Once you've chosen your pay period frequency, you can adjust this setting at any time by clicking the Edit button in the Basic Details section under Payroll>Setup Payroll. 

Note: Please know that if you make a change to the timing of your payroll-- a new pay period will start on the date of the change. 



Setting Pay Rates for your Employees

There are two options for pay rates for employees; class-based, or hourly-only.

  • Class-based positions are based on employee sign-ins to a class
    • this will allow you to pay per class, or per hour based on the length of a class on your schedule
  • Hourly-only positions are for employees that are not paid around the number of classes they're involved in
    • these employees can log the hours they work directly, rather than signing into classes to get paid

First, set up your positions:

  1. Under Financial > Setup Payroll, scroll down to the Positions section
    • By default, Wodify sets up a Head Coach and Assistant Coach position
  2. If you need to create a new position:
    • Click the + New Position button
    • Name the position, determine which Roles can hold this position, and pick the locations it's available at
    • Click Save



From here, you'll determine if these employees are class-based, or hourly-only.

Class-based staff

Coaches and other class-based staff are paid based on the program of the class, and the position they are assigned to in that class. This means you have the option to set different pay rates for a coach not just for each position, but for each program, too. 

Set the Pay Rates for this position:

  1. Click on the name of the position in the Positions section
  2. Click on the name of any program on this list
    • You can disregard the Hourly Only listing here for now; we'll cover that below
  3. In the top right corner, choose an employee from the Add Employee dropdown menu
    • This list will be restricted to the clients that have at least one of the Roles that this position is configured for (Admin, Employee, Manager, Staff)

  4. This will bring up a pop-up window to set that employees pay rate for this position in this program
    • Paid: per class (flat rate for each class) or per hour (based on the length of the class on your schedule)
    • Flat Rate: the amount they're paid for each class or hour for this position in this program
    • Effective: Choose whether this pay rate goes into effect now, or schedule it to start at a later date
    • Click Save once you've got this employee's pay configured correctly
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each employee that should be configured for this position for classes under this program
  6. Click the Back to Positions button in the top right corner
  7. Repeat steps 1-5 for each program within this position
  8. Go back to the Positions listing under Payroll>Process Payroll and repeat steps 1-7 for each position

Once you've configured an employee for any of these positions, you will be able to pick them from that position's dropdown menu in the Class Template (see Assigning Paid Positions to Classes below)


Hourly Only staff

Take a look at these help articles, which go into detail about setting up Payroll for employees that aren't paid around the concept of a class:


Assigning Paid Positions to Classes

Once you've set pay rates for your employees, you can start assigning them to classes in any position they're configured for.

  1. Open any individual or recurring class template
  2. Scroll down to the Coaches section in an individual class template, or the Classes section in a recurring class template
  3. Choose one employee from the dropdown menu for each position you want 

By default, Head Coach and Assistant Coach positions will be available here. If you want to add one of your custom positions:

  1. Click on + Add Another
  2. Select the custom position and the employee from the dropdown menus
  3. Click Save on the class template

Here's a look at this in an individual class template:


And here's a look at this in a recurring class template:



Payroll FAQ

Q: How do my employees track their classes/hours for payroll (clock out and clock in)?

Q: How do I process Payroll? or
How do I edit a past pay period?

Q: Why isn't my coach available in the position dropdown in a class template? or
What does the "This employee has not been configured for this Position yet." error message mean?

  • A: Once Payroll is enabled, Employees must be configured for a position before they're available to be assigned to a class in that position. See Setting Pay Rates for your Employees above

Q: What does the "Could not find an open Pay Period for this class." error message mean?

  • A: The current pay period may have already been closed. See Process Payroll for instructions on editing a closed Payroll pay period


If you need any further assistance with Setting up Payrollplease feel free to email us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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